Stinginess, you say?

Two things: Either I don’t owe you anything or I didn’t realize you were asking specific payment for your “help”.




It wanders alone
Through the forest
The desert
The mountains
Through miles and miles of land

As it passed people agape
Animals fearful
It lets out a low growl
Bearing its teeth slightly

It was quite a sight
With matted brown fur
Almost the color of dried blood
Claws half a foot long
Large red eyes
Through the sun’s glare
And the stare
Of the other creatures
Who neither dared nor wanted
To be on the beast’s way

It traveled through and through
Still intimidating

It came by the sea
To the vastness of which he stood staring
Whilst the sun
Seemingly intimidated
Hurried down
Hid below the glorious waters
Who stared back at the beast
Ever so calmly

The beast trembled
As it dropped down gently
Curled in an awkward fetal position
Gave a deep sigh of resignation
As the calm waters lapped at its feet
Draining all of its life away


(Nov 6, 2008)

9 years

Been working 9 years with all of my bosses undeniably impressed and happy with my performance. But after 9 yeras I am still at the lower ladder of corporate hierarchy (with proportional compensation). What the f is wrong?

Not so random thoughts

What difference a positive mind set makes…

Being tired is “worth it” instead of “I want to give up.”

Frustration leads to “I can do this.” instead of “This is hopeless.”

“I can do something to improve things.” instead of “It’s their fault!”

Yeah! Good vibes no matter what!
It’s either a hit or a miss. What matters is you aimed and fired.
As one walks through the right path, one inadvertently plants seeds of hatred in the hearts of wrongful men.

Carry on with humility and faith. After all, good deeds do not seek the approval of men but of God.

Accept tragedies with a faithful heart.

Self righteousness is a dangerous thing. It is disguised pride to justify one’s stubborness and unwillingness to understand. It ruins many relations, and the sad part is, one commits this without remorse… thinking it is the right thing to do.

We could all use a little bit more empathy.

Travel destinations (Note to Self)

Apo Reef



When people from a certain ‘place’ call me smart, I seriously cannot fathom how they could possibly think I am. There, I feel… below average. Real life people are a different story of course.

I just had to get that one out.


(This is old, emo and not so good. :p but I like the italicized part)

I think about how I was before
When I was young
When I had my foolish fantasies, and petty dreams
I thought about how great life would be ahead of me…
My future

But when futur eevolved into today
I find myself let down
I find myself wishing yesterdat was today
And I’m not who I am now

I find myself frustrated and disappointed
Cause I found out that as life turned ugly for me
I turned ugly too
And I started to hate what i had become

Destroyed and afraid
I now find myself wandering knowing nothing anymore
All things I thought I knew so well truend strange
Like how I became I stranger to myself

I can’t do anything but face the fears I never wanted but I knew I deserved
Funny how my pretty fantasies crumbled ever so slowly before my blind eyes

And now that I’m blind now more
All that are before my eyes are ugly remnants
Of my destroyed soul

And all I have are